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First, having painfully lived through the prison timeline, I can verify that the events as portrayed are not just consistent with the information I had, but seem the only true story to represent the prison events. It brings to mind the levels of evil, perhaps analogous to the level of hell in Dante's inferno. At the deepest level, there were almost certainly the scheming, that in a just world would be prosecuted as attempted murder, by the administrator or a conspiracy of administrators to endanger Dan. Then there is the callousness of the guard to just walked by, assuming he was not part of the same, his act can only be called evil.

This is not to deny the kindness of some of the guards, which stands in stark contrast.

Something analogous seems to have gone on that, instead of treating the insightful work of Dan's as a work of redemption, and giving back to society, both the journalists, not named in this essay, but those named above and others deserve to be called out for their perfidy. It is so odd to me, that NONE OF THEM, reached out to me, as a senior scientist with any real explanation, or made any public contact at all. This lack is the most suspicious pointer to there being something malignant afoot. Analogous to the dog that did not bark in murder mysteries, what gives here?

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