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When the pandemic hit I had this profound sense that it presented a chance for humanity to evolve; to see that we all are connected to something more profound. Well, more profound than the so called wisdom of modernity.

Along the way, partly through fear of religious grifters, we have abandoned our connection to the universs and instead started following another type of grifter; those who pour scorn on us for trusting our guts and our intuition. If it is not peer reviewed or a large double blind random controlled study it does not constitute truth in the eyes of these grifters.

Indeed society can no longer agree on truth.

I was hit by a striking phenomenon when the pandemic hit and one that has stayed with me to this day. My dreams came to life. They are more vivid than I can ever remember. I wake up in a state of of alertness. I become trapped in my dreams, neither awake nor asleep; unable to move and only able to muster a faint cry for help; loud enough that my partner wakes me so I can escape the trauma.

My sleep is now a place where I am challenged. I am disturbed by ideas and stories woven into a tapestry of mystic meaning.

Such dreams on the face of it make little sense;

Why are these two people who have never met, conversing in a place I have never been? Why are we arguing?

Where am I and why am I wandering through these streets. I seem to know where I am going but I don't know where that is?

Whatever the story of the night. I feel challenged and uneasy. Sometimes I awake with clarity and other times I feel more lost than ever.

Within all of this trauma that my sleep brings one truth has entered my dream; The pandemic. More often than not my dream will take to me a crowded place with no ventilation. In that moment while asleep, I awake and I get the fuck out!

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Thanks so much, this is way more awesome than you realize now!! Just wait for part iii to rrreeaaaallllyyyyy bake your noodle!!

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Great read! Waiting excitedly for part iii

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Thanks so much!! It's officially on the way, hope to get a draft up next week! In the meantime you can get a few clues from here:


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I know it's been a week!! I promise it's on the way, drop me an email at this Gmail account and I'll shoot you a sneak peek!!

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These articles are truly mind opening, and I am very grateful for the access. Two things to say. Firstly you write "The relationship between space and time isn’t perceptible to our naked human senses,..." I think it is, but perhaps only under particular circumstances. A few months ago a person came to speak in the city where I live to whom I had long wanted to say something that I thought might be useful for them to know. I was not able to get a ticket for that night, but as I was cycling home, I decided to make a minor detour on the off chance that I would see them before they entered the venue. It involved me cycling the wrong way up a one way street, which as it turned out was a good thing, because the man in question was walking down the street as I cycled up it, and I was able to say my piece. You might say I allowed fate to take its course, and it did.

Where it gets strange is that my perception of that moment is that both the time and the space available expanded to fit so to speak, so that I had the time to say what I wanted to say, and he had the time to respond. Yet, "in reality" there was hardly any time for it at all, a minute at most. In my memory the time was long enough, and the space that went with it was very large.

Every time I cycle past that spot now I have to look, to check and see what size it is. It is a narrow path, but in my memory of that moment, it is wide and spacious. I can't begin to explain how strange it is, the difference between my experience of that moment, my memory of a street I have cycled down many times, and how I feel about it now.

The second thing: I mentioned your articles to my 96 year old father, and he reminded me that the Nazis in the run up to the second world war sent an expedition to Tibet, as they held particular beliefs regarding the origins of the Aryans, and were looking for evidence there. In my view, the government that most closely resembles them in belief and action is the current Communist Party of China, particularly under Mao, and now under Xi Jinping. All this kind of adds an extra something that I can't quite pin point to the Chinese invasion and ongoing occupation of Tibet. I have been flying the Tibetan flag outside my house since the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, as a minor protest against the iniquities of the Olympics committee. For some reason I have been reluctant to take it down. I think I will keep it up for a while yet.

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