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Paragraph after READ third line should be ...one instead of once... does that get me access 😆 love your writing

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You're killing me here! How do the snakes literally worlds apart "converge" evolutionarily? This term of evolutionary convergence has bothered me ever since I heard it because it seems laughably implausible that natural selection would just happen to find, not a similar, but exactly the same solution to a problem in completely different places or at completely different times.

I don't know what you call this thread that you're weaving, but I dig it. Beautifully presented.

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Thanks! Old fan of Jaynes' work. Love it when I see it discussed.

See Victor Clube's 'Cosmic Winter' for an interesting perspective on those times.

A comment at Gail Tverberg's site linked one of your posts and I've been reading solid for quite a few hours. I'm really impressed with your writing and grasp of the situation.

Some of the viral dynamics you discuss remind me a bit of Lida Mattman's 'Stealth Pathogens' text and a 2011 Springer publication 'Metagenomics of the Human Body'; each chapter written by different authors. One really struck me - if memory serves, they were talking about a sort of protective cooperation in biofilms and that the amount of gene-swapping going on was making it difficult to hold on to the concept of 'species'. Bells rang when I read yours about quasispecie swarms in the virus world. Have not run across that. It's a good day when ya learn something new. Watched a TED Talk about ten years ago where the professor was presenting her grad student's work on Quorum Sensing. She described their attempts to disrupt microbial communication. I wonder if virus have something similar going on.

I appreciate the heads-up on what's coming at us. I was infected in early 2020 and your description of body-penetration is quite real for me. Months and months of one thing after another. The really acute cardio-pulmonary stage was pretty scary but the multiplicity of symptoms in my eyes, CNS, bones, liver, kidneys etc were very troubling too. I'm hoping not to deal with those again. I'm reading PubMed all the time and ran across a 2015 study about Ivermectin being a strong agonist of the Farnesoid-X Receptor and 'rescuing' induced NAFLD in mice I think it was. That would dovetail with Ivermectin potentially resolving certain problems identified in a handful of Anthony Mawson's papers on vaccine-damage and retinoid-spillage. That FXR thread is an interesting one to pull. Saffron, chicory, fenugreek and others are being studied as agonists.

Well, thanks again. I'm looking forward to reading everything you have on substack. I printed out both parts of the Silkworm post today and need to go over it with a highlighter to get to the point where I can bullet-point it for my wife. I'll be networking your posts out to others as time goes on. Keep up the great work and best wishes to both you and your father.

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In my little spare time, I read "worlds" when it should have been "words" in the early portion of this piece. It takes me a couple sittings to digest one piece. Damn I wish I had a profound question. I want to know how Dreamers ends! I love your substack, started with Silkworms. Thanks for your voice.

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Random thought: are you familiar with Wim Hof? Read about an athlete who had covid and said doing these techniques helped him get back to sport after long covid.

Looked into it a little and the cold showers and breathing are supposed to activate the dive reflex and affect vagal tone (also read another paper that suggests one long covid mechanism with inflammation of the vagus nerve)…

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Just fascinating, with fascinating connections. I learned a lot.

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"I have yet to hear/read a convincing explanation of how this "works", and given your penchant for weaving substack tease-prose I'm confident you could spread the explanation out over months of posts keeping me interested the whole way."

Here is the correct explanation: bacteria communicate through radio waves.


The liquid crystals will act as an amplifier for the transmission of biophotons. Let us remember that L. Montagnier discovered the fact that bacteria communicate over huge distances through radio waves. Normally, the light emitted by the DNA is weak, but has a high degree of coherence (a ultra-weak laser). Then, the liquid crystals (spike proteins) will act both as an emitter and as a receiver for the signals transmitted by the mycobacterium and mycoplasma. That is why the mRNA vaccines do not even need HeLa cells to be able to activate the radiowave transmission between bacteria. Thus, the M. avium in the vaccinated people will exchange information with the M. avium in the atmosphere: this is exactly how the new powerful strains emerged at once all over the world, mostly without travel history. And M. avium has two even more powerful relatives: B. anthracis and M. africanum. Right now, epidemiologists and virologists do not even fathom the idea that Covid-19 is raining down from the atmosphere, let alone entertain the notion that even stronger pathogenic agents could follow also from the atmosphere (cometary dust).

https://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/index.php?topic=30499.msg2299252#msg2299252 (HeLa cells, brownian motion entanglement)

The real Sagnac formula for the MIchelson-Gale experiment which proves the Earth is stationary:


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