Thanks to your writings (but not only), I began to look much more dimly on the future of this pandemic. The vaxxed are totally screwed and the unvaxxed possibly less so, but with covid endlessly festering in the vaxed the unvaxed will be also infected repeatedly, just less often,

And yes no telling what it will be once it goes through gatekeeping mutations.

About "Covid kills immunity" or "covid kills brains", the evidence is concerning, but not yet completely convincing. (tell me if I am wrong) I am more inclined towards covid killing immunity being more conclusive as of now and this is why I am scared of repeat covids.

Anyway, if the wuhan strain was a LAV, glad I had it in Nov 2020, I cannot hide form it

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LISTEN: Are Moderna and Pfizer the Next Enrons? Former Blackrock & Hedge Fund Guru Edward Dowd Paints Grim Picture for Big Pharma’s Vax Kings — While Big Insurance Appears Prepped to Go To War With Big Pharma Over Death Payouts

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Dan - great article but I really can't help feel deeply that your past plight is the convenience that academia, government and big corps, probably others, are keeping as a way to discredit you and your work and the work of your father. By doing what they are doing to you, they allowing the lies to fester and grow literally like a cancer on the world. I continue to feel in distress at how this can actually be. But it is. I pain for you and the truths that ache to be told. The unjust behavior and deliberate corruption showered on us all is a crime of unbelievable proportions. I have to ask, as naïve as it may be, isn't there anyone who can help to bring this out in the true light somehow, someway? Your writings are wonderfully deep and provoking, but they need to be examined out of the dark. Do you trust anyone?

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Dan - on further thought after rereading this piece, here are some new questions: What if this is worse than your dire predictions? Is there a possibility that even the corrupters don't know how bad this fallout will be? Is there a remote possibility it could wipe out the entirety of mankind?

I think it may be that even THEY don't know what they've done... Curious

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Right on, Dan! I love it when well-warranted righteous indignation keeps on royally kicking asses and taking names. May God be with you and your father.

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I re-read for the laughs:

(1) P.S. Make sure to wave to all of the reporters BCCed on this.

(2) “Matt,” another foreign national who may or may not look like an STD angrily growing on Voldemort’s scrotum

(3) So have fun with that, oh yeah and while you’re deciding what to do: SAY HI TO YOUR MOTHERS FOR ME!!

LOL. Epic bitch-slapping.

BTW, your name came up today on Dr Couey's chat on his livestream, and several mentioned how much they liked your "writing style".

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