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Because like Alina Chan before him, Nicholas Wade was happy to watch tens of millions of innocent strangers die terribly if it meant he got time in front of the cameras. There it is, all we need to know is all the rest of the names of these retarded creatures. I'll read on.

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Mr. Sirotkin,

I came across two pieces of data that seem to support your theory about Sars-Cov2 as a LAV that is recombining back towards a thermodinamically-stable, highly lethal form:

1. From https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.12.27.521986v1 : " Our multiscale investigation provided evidence suggesting that XBB is the first documented SARS-CoV-2 variant increasing its fitness through recombination rather than single mutations." Got the link from the comments at https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/the-xbb15-variant-is-the-next-big . I am not an expert on biology or medicine -- maybe you can figure out if it supports your theory or not.

2. I wondered a long time what insanity could drive researchers to create a covid variant with 80% lethality -- now in 2022: https://www.foxnews.com/us/boston-university-lethal-covid-strain-lab . Something so transmissible, and unvaccinable against, is useless as a bioweapon, as it will quickly find its way back to the sender. Then I realized -- they were probably trying to re-create the original, thermodinamically-stable strain! So now we know how lethal is that.

Jabboids may have gotten VAIDS and live on borrowed time, but even for us purebloods, a variant with a 80% lethality would be no joke. If your theory is correct, we need to figure out how this thing can be treated.

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Jesus Christ. My imagination runs wild with this. "I'm sick of these damn humanized rats! Get me some humans stat!"

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Just notcied that @jhas5 on twitter has been tweeting and writing a substack on covid being a self-spreading vaccine...fwiw. Maybe you already know of him.

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"So that entire thing was totally made up, but I’m pretty sure I made Andersen poop his lederhosen just a bit."

LOL. Now, that's funny.

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Due to increasingly irrational responses to Covid I am starting to think there really is a Toxoplasmosis-like component involved.

I saw a news reporter, virtually frothing at the mouth, reporting on New Zealand's new Prime Minister meeting with business leaders in a ---small room-----.

I had a neighbour nearly threatening me not to use ivermectin.

All very odd.

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I re-read your articles. Your theory is indeed the only one that honors all the data points.

It is hard to say more than what's already said.

It would be very useful though, for everybody who has people they care about, to be able to somehow predict the timeline on which the virus will become really lethal for us the non-jabbed (as in 15% CFR or more in healthy non-jabbed). Would it be possible for you to come up with a heuristic for that?

One would probably need to consider that, between the current point and the thermodynamic optimum, the quasispecies swarm genetics will first take a detour through the Valley of the Vaxxed. The grand show probably won't happen until most of the jabbed have taken Azazel's hand for a one-way journey.

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Would you share your expert opinion Dan?


Jeez! From the latest preliminary unpublished data, it seems that we are just one step from the new H5N1 strains found in ferrets & minks effectively mutating to cause human to human transmissions. I think that the H5N1 pandemic will start much earlier than projected! Planned?

11:08 PM · May 8, 2023

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