Very helpful, thank you. I have been a little concerned about the self protection idea. If a gang came to rob my parent's house I wouldn't have much more than a large rolling pin and a mad attitude to help me. I have hesitated to get more armed, too much pacifist in me.

Intranasal rinse is a very good prevention but if an infection starts then it is not a treatment. Specifically prevention, stop infections in the nose.

The Inuit have a different about boogers - I agree with you not your preschool teacher. Part of our immune system.

Re self care - pomegranate peel is an antidote to the FCS. It inhibits the cleavage and helps in many other ways. The outer peel can be air dried and is quite potent, just a couple little pieces in a pot of tea, drink a little every day or more often if sick.

My Protocol Collation document and others are linked in this post: https://denutrients.substack.com/p/downloadable-tools-in-my-toolbox

Low vitamin A during infection, then elevated Retinoic Acid during LongCovid may be factors that I have been writing about - current summary: https://denutrients.substack.com/p/my-research-paper-initial-progress

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This writing is much more accessible than the pinned tweets. Well done. I hope people will listen when this travels out there.

One thing I think is a mistake, is your references to being in clink for sexual predatory. AFAIK you had consensual sex with your partner who was an under-age girl. Far more innocuous than what people may think when their minds go frothing at the "mouth"? Putting all sorts of acts on you that you didn't do. You know how people judge others!

Anyways, history is full of those, ahead of their time and unappreciated during their life. I pray that you will be listened to by real people now. I mean who gives a shit about the corrupt scientists, academics and pols. Traitors abound here in USA. A one-way ticket to Mars for the lot of them would be appropriate.

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Again, not a doctor either but wanted to add some points that intuitively make sense to me.

Firstly it makes perfect sense to wash with mild soap the very area that sars 2 establishes itself. The nasal cavity. So thank you for this advice.

I have been doing this all year and it's now second nature. It feels perfectly normal now. It's actually a satisfying feeling so keep going if it's something that people initially struggle with.

Using the cheap NeilMed rinse bottles is my preferred method, the kits have most of what you need to get going.

Being able to squeeze the bottle let's me control the flow. So I squeeze slowly, take my time and try to be as relaxed as possible. I figure any tension might close up any cavities where I want to rinse. The slow flow means the soap is in contact for a longer period and I don't want it to pop through into my ears either.

But then a good amount of agitation like you demonstrate in the video might be useful in dislodging dirt and viruses. I just think be careful out there and don't damage your inner cavities.

Like you I inhale the mixture as I am rinsing which is essentially like giving a quick snort up. The liquid then comes back down into your mouth. Don't worry your reflexes will stop you choking. Relax!

In fact if I am really relaxed I can get the rinse to drain through my mouth and nose at the same time. This is helped by the squeeze bottle allowing me to control the flow.

I use boiled water that I store and allow to cool in glass bottles. I fill the Neil Med rinse bottle with salt sachet, no more tears and the water to just below the line. Then I top up to the line with freshly boiled water. Test on your hand before but ideally you want it at body temperature.

One thing some of the zero coviders don't really accept is how problematic mask wearing can be. Any social anxiety is sky rocketed for people masking up in an anti mask environment.

Sure it's easy to just say, 'I don't give a shit what people think', but that's no good if you're putting a target on yourself for harassment.

So try to scope out your area, find the shops that are quiet in nicer areas, look for places with open frontages that have plenty of fresh air coming.

Stay sane.

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I like the pomegranate information and also I read a blip about a S Korean study that showed seaberries also killed the virus. I have a lot of bushes, but because of the thorns I don't pick for anyone other than myself, sorry.

Here is the best quote I pulled: NIH and our government are covering-up so fucking obvoiusly that history will look back on almost everyone cosplaying as a journalist or scientist today, and wish they’d died more slowly and painfully, as punishment for all of the completely unnecessary death their lack of ethics and morals helped cause - you are preminiscent!

I grow very healthy food and am relying on this food, wild food, and the activity from in so doing to pull me through. I also don't eat anything for 18 hours a day to gain 4 hours of autophagy. I also am not a doctor and am not making any recommendations, I have no credentials whatsoever, even, so you are on your own! But I do like to add off the wall comments to interesting Stack posts, thereby adding to the interest in the comment section is my view - but some people get worked up over some of my thoughts. Oh well.

Here is a playlist of videos I produced mainly for people who don't know how to grow food, not much for entertainment, but shows how much food can be grown in a small space: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDCRYtmkDsX9XHCD-higvYUoYRhc3-WhZ

here is how to make aerobic compost, this video series is very very long and i highly doubt anyone in this culture will go the length to learn it, let alone actually do it, this information will save your life, the hazards as listed in the above article from a prophet in action: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDCRYtmkDsX-6Er47dETKwdAhVf1r0L3N

I don't know much about anything in particular, but these vide series are what I do know about and not from reading a book which are merely props for people TO NOT DO ANYTHING EXCEPT READ ANOTHER BOOK. I wish you luck like the author, but I've been thinking I better save it for myself

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Just so I understand, is the no-tears soap just as important as the salt? I ask because I keep reading to use hydrogen peroxide or iodine with salt. Also, I seem to remember you tweeting about stuff I can't find anymore, namely nebulizing with ??? and also maybe taking a little ceylon cinnamon daily. Am I remembering that correctly or nah?

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