Why the suppression of "serial passage" as the technique used to craft SARS-CoV-2 depended on the cowardly compliance of morally and ethically bankrupt…
What "The Expanse" tells us about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the long sordid history of serial passage gain-of-function research, and the…

November 2022

Why, from the very start, there's been very little doubt that this pandemic began in a lab

October 2022

Written after a year in prison, back before either all of my friends had become corpses, or I had become a corpse to them, this letter captures the last…

September 2022

Ain’t none of this medical, legal, maybe not even sensible advice - I am not a doctor nor a lawyer, I am a con-vict.

July 2022

Listen along as I curse a bunch, and explain how the origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic can be found within one of the most ancient Biblical stories!
Christmastime reflections on my 1,300 days of incarceration which attempt to make sense of the hopeless madness of America's prison system.

May 2022

Why the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic is yet another manifestation of the Angel of Death, which can only be stopped with an ancient weapon pulled from a…
Return to part four here. “I will open my mouth with a parable, I will utter enigmas hidden from the beginning - stories that we have heard and known…
Join the dreamers down from the mountains - Free until Sunday!!The fifth and (mostly) final part of dreamers down from the mountains, which would now be super-awkward if I don’t get out the door Sunday, makes

April 2022

Debunking claims from the article “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” arguing that COVID-19 definitely wasn’t engineered in a lab way back in March 2020
The Epilogue to Golden Silkworms in Pandora’s Box - One Year Later